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FM Insurance Company 

FM Global is a Commercial Property Insurance Company with headquarters in the USA. Founded 175 years ago, the company has now 5,000 employees worldwide and clients in more than 130 countries.

We are a company unique from other insurers as we operate in a niche market – commercial property.

What sets us apart from our competitors in the insurance industry is the engineering focus. From 5000 employees worldwide , more than 1,700 are engineers. The training we offer is second to none. The 1,600-acre (648 ha) FM Global Research Campus in West Glocester, USA, is the premiere center in the world for property loss-prevention scientific research and product testing. Equipped with the most advanced technology and designed with property owners, product manufacturers and continuously evolving industry trends in mind, our distinguished scientists and loss-prevention engineers conduct research in four main laboratories: Fire Technology, Natural Hazards, Electrical hazards and Hydraulics.

When you join our company, a world of new technological trends will open for you, offering you numerous opportunities to build your skills and boost your knowledge capital, thus helping you reach your personal and professional goals.

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