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Established in 1984, INTEREL is an Italian manufacturer of online guest room management systems and energy conservation systems with more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

INTEREL extends its services to include design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, supervision, and commissioning of room automation, energy saving and security systems. The wide range of devices and the modular setup of the INTEREL system provide design solutions ranging from the most prestigious five-star design to specialized service properties.

The philosophy behind the INTEREL online room management system is driven by the social responsibility towards the environment, which with equal importance increases the return on investment of our clients and hotel operators by optimizing the energy consumption of their properties and simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

INTEREL has developed highly advanced energy saving logics, based on the interaction of various guest presence sensors within the room, along with the actual room status from the front office (PMS) and the building automation system. The logic includes day/night and seasonal settings, multiple temperature set points based on the occupancy and short-/long-term vacancy of rooms. This interaction allows as seamless automation of energy saving procedures, minimizing staff interaction and optimizes energy consumption based on real-time status of the room.

In addition, Hoteliers can now give their guests the opportunity to take part in the green initiative by selecting the ECO comfort® setting on the thermostat. ECO comfort® is a patented customizable setting that uses a more environmentally friendly HVAC algorithm with minimum impact on the felt temperature.

The INTEREL product range offers highly innovative, intelligent and smart solutions for the modern hotelier, in these areas of application:

Advanced energy management
HVAC and humidity control
RFID electronic door locking and presence detection
Lighting, dimming and scene control
Guest bedside control panels
Guest service requests
Room number signage
Hardware and Software interfaces to third-party hospitality systems

From large hotel groups to smaller independent boutique properties, our modular, future-proof room automation system has been well received by our satisfied customers.