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PowerPact HR Consulting GmbH 

PowerPact HR Consulting is a western-managed company providing professional services to multinational and local corporations in the sphere of HR management.

PowerPact HR Consulting established its presence in Ukraine in 1995 under the trade mark ExecuSearch International. The Company's rich experience, unique internal culture, and substantial knowledge of the local market acquired over the years of successful operation allow us to successfully compete with other similar-profile companies in the sphere of recruiting and HR consulting business.

PowerPact specializes in providing consulting services in the field of human resources management and advises clients on a variety of issues from identifying problem areas to designing and implementing human resource strategy.

PowerPact is proud of its proven record of placing administrative, financial management, engineering, logistics, general management, corporate management, sales and marketing, and HR professionals in various fields, to include: Accounting & Finance, Administration, Advertising, Agricultural, Consulting, FMCG, High-Tech, Medical & Pharmaceutical, R&D, and others.

At present, the company is an active member of American Chamber of Commerce and UNESCO.

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