KINEXON fuels the Internet of Things with real-time intelligence and automation. Specifically, we locate and connect the "things" (objects, people, processes) and ensure, that they interact with each other in the quickest and most intelligent way. We are pioneers in our field. Our leading technologies and products are transforming and shaping tomorrow‘s production, logistics, sports and media.

At the heart of our solution is a cutting-edge sensor network for high-precision 3D localization and motion sensing of objects and people. The other core is an edge platform that uses advanced algorithms to analyze the acquired information as well as any other sensor / device information, and deliver valuable insights in real time. Our solution makes it possible to optimize products and processes sustainably and to automate the latter.

As a full-stack provider we own and understand the complete range from hardware to software. Our solutions are used by prestigious customers and partners, such as: BMW, Zalando and Red Bull. In the past, we have won several awards. Due to our strong growth, we are constantly looking for new talents and committed employees who bring KINEXON together with us to the next level.

Company foundation: 2012

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