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Do you believe in beauty when it comes to programming? Do you have a vivid interest in elegant algorithms? Are you fluent in C++? If so, we would like to meet you!

At think-cell you have benefit from the safety of a profitable company that has no outside investors, and at the same time - all the perks of a start-up with a beautiful office in the heart of Berlin, free drinks, fruits and vegetables every day.

Our purpose is to continuously grow our team of passionate developers by embracing the benefits that an international team brings.

We have colleagues from Germany and also from Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Scotland, UK, China, South Africa, Estonia, Italy, Austria and Romania and we directly support the relocation to Berlin from anywhere in the world!


About our software

Since 2002, think-cell produces graphics software that performs most of the painstaking work of creating data-driven slides for professional Excel and PowerPoint users. PowerPoint slide creation is one of the most popular things professionals use a computer for. Thus, it is rather surprising that while intelligent software has revolutionized many things we frequently do, such as web search in our browser, or telephone speech recognition in a call center, office productivity software has not changed much over the past decade or so.

think-cell is out to change this. We stand out from the crowd of other presentation software because we are willing to do the leg work of developing sophisticated algorithms and refining our user interface, which makes working with our software so satisfying for our users. 


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