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HyImpulse Technologies 

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HyImpulse is a New-Space start-up based in Hardthausen, Germany. We are developing a mini launcher using disruptive technologies to provide low-cost small-sat launch opportunities for Europe and the whole world. HyImpulse was founded by 5 DLR employees with excellent experience in chemical and hybrid rocket propulsion as well as a good network in the international space industry. If you want to contact us, send a mail to contact@hyimpulse.de We are sure that disruptive technologies and ways of thinking can lower the cost of orbital launches and at the same time increase flexibility for our customers. These disruptions include in the first place inherently safe hybrid rocket propulsion systems with advanced paraffin-based fuels. Our launcher therefore will use "green propulsion"​ without toxicity and environmental harms. Other important disruptive technologies include COTS components for avionics, state of the art production technology for light weight composite structures, 3D printing of various parts, and decreasing cost by serial production. For example, our main engine will be used several times on the launcher. Our first product in development is a single stage sounding rocket using a hybrid rocket engine to deliver institutional and commercial experiments into a micro gravity environment during a suborbital flight. Based on that technology demonstrator, a mini launcher with a target payload of 400 kg into a Low Earth Orbit will be developed.ь

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