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OSA GmbH & Co. KG 

We are a service organisation focusing on import and export, primarily in the Asian, Russian and Eastern European markets. We have been active in Asia since 1966 and in Russia and other Eastern European markets since 1997. It is our pleasure to address the various markets in accordance to your market expectations and offer solutions which match your company profile.

The company OSA itself has its roots in the GEA Group, of which it was a member. The GEA Group was established by Jürgen Otto in 1966 with an office in Bangkok and developed into a comprehensive multi-regional marketing and trade organisation, which was active in South-East and North-East Asia.

The value of the small, highly-qualified organisation is in its profound understanding of local markets and their particularities. With his Asian partners, Jürgen Otto was able to expand the GEA structure throughout all of South-East Asia, including offices and showrooms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. At the same time a liaison office has been established in Germany, which acted in the interests of the Asian dealers.

This structure proved to be highly valuable for medium-sized German factories which aimed to profit from the booming Asian economy and understood the value of building and maintaining a sales network through Asian contacts pooled with a German-speaking office and taking advantage of the local knowledge and skills of the local market experts. The most renowned companies in the German sanitary ware industry employed GEA to build their export business to Asia,with success.

In the mid-90’s Mr.Otto and his staff took the opportunity to expand their business scope and address new fields of business. China opened and began to establish itself as the “work bench of the world”. At the same time, the Eastern-European markets, in particular Russia, drew the attention of OSA. During this period, the very structure of the OSA organisation was altered to address the new market situations. In addition to the liaison function it had been performing, import from Asia to Europe and export from Europe to Eastern Europe become important fields in the OSA business model. OSA developed into a marketing and distribution company with a strong network of contacts and partners in Asia and Eastern Europe.

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